Dear friends and colleagues,
The Dutch Neuropsychological Society, in collaboration with the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie and the Société de Neuropsychologie de Langue Française, will be hosting the 6th Scientific Conference of the Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN). The Federation currently unites 18 national societies.
We expect to receive hundreds of attendees from all over Europe – neuropsychologists of all subspecialties, and neuroscientists from neighbouring disciplines.
Four eminent colleagues, each from a different European country, will give instructive and inspiring keynote lectures. They will be the topping on a three-days exchange of ideas with colleagues who will present their latest research results.
Maastricht is an age-old, yet vibrant modern university town. It is the southern-most city of the Netherlands, located close to the Belgian border, at a stone’s throw from Germany, and a few steps away from Luxembourg and northern France. The Romans founded it 2000 years ago as a castellum along the Via Belgica with a bridge crossing the Mosa. Since then, Maastricht played its role in every epoch of European politics, culture and economy.
The conference’s theme, Brain in Context, expresses the growing notion that the brain is not a static structure, but rather a complex organ of living tissues, miraculously capable of producing behaviour, and constantly changing as a result of this very same behaviour and of the physical and social context in which it is behaving. With such a broadly phrased theme, every scholar, scientist and clinician will feel at home at this conference.
We wholeheartedly invite you to join the 6th Scientific Conference of FESN.
We hope to meet you in Maastricht, 13-15 September 2017.
Best regards,
Ben Schmand, president of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie
On behalf of
Fabienne Collette, president of the Société de Neuropsychologie de Langue Française
Christophe Lafosse, president of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie
and the local organising committee

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